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Brian Wilson Aldiss Bestsellers Vol. 3 No. 9 Best of Aldiss Viaduct Publications 1983 First Edition First Printing One light cover crease, a little spine creasing and page edges lightly browned else Fine A4 Centre-stapled magazine 4.00 Introduction by B. W. A.; Oh For a Closer Brush with God; An Appearance of Life; The Small Stones of Tu Fu; The Game With The Big Heavy Ball; A Romance of the Equator; Three Revolutionary Enigmas; The Blue Background; A Private Whale; Consolations of Age; The Girl Who Sang. Selected by B. W. A. as being his best.
Ken Amos Nightshade 5 A Fanzine About Fantasy April 1st Nightshade Press 1979 Corers slightly bumped and creased - Very Good A4 stapled, card-covered heavy paper magazine With photocopy chronological list of Ballantine Adult Fantasy books 5.00 Editorial; David Lindsay and the Quest for Muspel-Fire by Galad Elflandsson; An Alphabetical Listing of Ballantine Adult Fantasy books with cover artist and publication dates; Book reviews; Fanzine Reviews; Nightshade Contributors' Biographies; The Development of a Novel: Thomas Burnett Swann's The Gods Abide; Letters and more
Anonymous Startling Stories No. 18 (UK Issue) Pembertons 1954 (May) Spine ends chipped, small hole in cover, a few cover tears, a little staining, corners rubbed - Good Magazine 2.00 Cut down version of the US May '54 Vol. 31 #3 Spring Issue: The Houses of Iszm by Jack Vance; Little Enos by Charles A. Stearns; Stop-Over by Robert F. Young; Submicroscopic Galaxy by A. Kulik; The Seetee Mind by Gotthard Gunther; How Long Will a Space Pilot Live? by Gregg Gnarlen ; Coming: the Great Skyhook! by Norman B. Wiltsey. The last UK Issue.
Jim Baen Destinies/Far Frontiers/New Destinies Ace/Baen 1980-1989 Generally Very Good or better copies 2.00 Each. Destinies: Nov./Dec. '78; Jan-Feb '79 (Vol. 1 No. 2); Apr-Jun '79 (Vol. 1 No. 3); Aug-Sept '79 (Vol. 1 No. 4); Feb-Mar '80 (Vol. 2 No. 1); Spring '80 (Vol. 2 No. 2); Fall '80 (Vol. 2 No. 4); Far Frontiers Vol. VII (Winter 1986); New Destinies: Vol. I (Spring 1987); Vol. IV (Summer 1988); Vol. VI (Winter 1988) - Heinlein Memorial Issue
Beccon Beccon 87 Programme Book Beccon 1987 First Edition First Printing (Paper) Fine booklet Illustrated by Keith Roberts and others 5.00 Illustrated programme book for the convention - includes An Appreciation of the Recent Fiction of Keith Roberts; Keith Roberts bibliography since January 1984, and appreciation of Jane Gaskell (Special Guest), an article: Corfe Revisited by Keith Roberts, articles, notes, puns, etc., Although un-numbered the print-run was limited to around 600 copies - for the Convention members
Howard Browne Amazing Stories (UK) Vol. 1 No. 4 Ziff-Davis 1953 Spine leaned and a bit torn, front cover creased and page edges lightly age-darkened - Good magazine 1.00 Walter M. Miller, Jr.'s Death of a Spaceman; Dan T. Moore's The Double Spy; Robert Arthur's Ring Once For Death; Jerome Bixby's The Draw; William P. Salton's Operation Lorelie; Fredric Brown's Keep Out; Ross Rocklynne's Sorry, Wrong Dimension; Eric Frank Russell's Appointment At Noon and more
Howard Browne Fantastic Adventures Vol. 7 No 3 July Ziff-Davis 1945 Top edge of front cover chipped, pages browned - Good magazine 7.50 Alexander Blade's Diamond of Doom; B. E. Liston's A Grave For Gullible; Lester Barclay's The Tiger Has A Soul!; J. J. Allerton's Dr. Zanger's Cats; E. E. Pelletier's What's New?; Berkeley Livingstone's It's Raining Dimes & The Lotus Temple and more
Allan Bryce The Dark Side The Magazine of the Macabre and Fantastic Stray Cat 2005 Spine creases, corners rubbed and creased - Good A4 Magazine 1.00 Editorial; Interviews with Elke Sommer, Madeline Smith and David Cronenberg; Jay Slater on The Stink of Flesh; John Martin on the Italian Stalk and Slash thriller; Dark Side Horror Guide, DVD Library, Reviews and more
Algis Budrys Tomorrow Speculative Fiction No 23 Vol. 4 No. 5 November Unifont Company 1996 Near Fine magazine 1.00 No. 23 - fiction magazine with stories by Michael Shea; Yves Maynard; Jamie McEwan; Terry Jeeves; A. M. Dellamonica; George S. Walker; William Sanders; Thomas A. Easton; Lori Negridge Allen; Linda D. Addison
John W. Campbell, Jr. Unknown March Street & Smiths 1939 Spine sellotaped and a little eroded at top and base, front cover spine edge glued to first (advert.) page, front cover with a couple of short scratches, a couple of short edge tears and light creases, page edges browned and lower corners a little eroded 40.00 Vol. 1 No. 1: Eric Frank Russell's Sinister Barrier; Mona Farnsworth's Who Wants Power; Frank Belknap Long's Dark Vision; H. L. Gold's Trouble With Water; Manley Wade Wellman's Where Angels Fear - ; A. B. L. Macladyen, Jr's Closed Doors; Robert Moore Williams' Death Sentence...
John W. Campbell, Jr. Unknown/Unknown Worlds - UK Issues Street & Smiths 1940-1949 (8 Issues) Mostly Good to Very Good, but a few Fair to Good and one Very Good + 20.00 August '40, Winter '46 x 2, Winter '48 x 2, Summer '49 x 2, Winter '49 - Sprague De Camp; Fletcher Pratt; Theodore Sturgeon; Anthony Boucher; Nelson S. Bond; Frank Belknap Long; L. Ron Hubbard and more
Dave Clements Cassandra 9, 11 & Dreamscape Cassandra Workshop 1985-6 Very Good to Near Fine A5 centre-stapled booklets 7.00 Fiction in Cassandra by Simon Ings, Steve Bowkett, Michael Cobley, Dave Clements and others, How To Guides by Bob Shaw, Liz Sourbut, Ian Watson and Interview with Malcolm Edwards in Dreamscape
Lynn M. Cochrane Salvo 5 An Anthology of Prose and Verse Cannon Hill Writers Group 1998 Cover slightly creased - Near Fine book 4.00 62 pages - Pieces by Pauline E. Dungate, Maurice Burley, Anni Wilton Jones, David A. Hardy, Andrew Swinford, Lynn M. Cochrane, John L. C. McMorine, John Lawlor, Dennis Zaslona, Ruth Hardy, Wilf Morgan, Ian Cash, Tom Bryson, Chris Morgan and many more
Elizabeth Counihan Scheherezade The Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gothic Romance 24 Scheherezade 2002 Spine creased - Very Good to Near Fine book 3.00 Tanith Lee’s Sheherezade in Hell; Liz Williams talks with Patricia Kennealy Morrison; Alexander Glass’ Cerbera; Liz Williams’ The Man From The Ministry; Hugh Cook’s Golgo Molgo; Lyn McConchie’s Children of the City and Nigel Brown’s The Night Land
Andy Cox Black Static Issue #50 Jan/Feb TTA Press 2016 Lower front cover corner lightly rubbed else Fine magazine 2.00 Comment from Stephen Volk: Coffinmaker's Blues & Lynda E. Rucker's Notes From the Borderland; stories by Ray Cluley, Georgina Bruce, V. H. Leslie, Tim Casson, Tyler Keevil and Garry Budden. Interview with Simon Bestwick; Book and DVD/BLU-RAY Reviews
Andy Cox The 3rd Alternative Issue 36 Autumn The 3RD Alternative 2003 Top corners a little rubbed else Fine Magazine 2.00 Guest Editorial by Justina Robson; The Park Sweeper by Lucius Shepard; The Dodo has Landed by Allen Ashley; Trevor Hoyle Interviewed; The Automatic Circus by David Ira Cleary; Column by Christopher Fowler, Column by John Paul Catton; The Films of Sam Raimi by Jaspre Bark and stories by Karen Fishler, Andrew Humphrey and Martin Simpson
Mark Dinning Empire Magazine December Limited Edition Hobbit Collector's Set Cover 3 of 4 Empire 2013 Covers lightly creased else Fine Magazine 3.00 Features: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug; Scarlett Johansson; The Kennedy Files #1: Parkland; The Kennedy Files #2: JFK; Doctor Who; Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit; The Harry Hill Movie; The Empire Interview: Michael; Fassbender with X-Men and much more...
Carol Fisher Fantasy The Fantasy Artists Network Zine No. 1-4 OMTAE Press 1979-80 Top spine corner of No.2 torn and around 2'' of No. 3 spine damp-marked else Fine magazines With Fan News No. 1 10.00 Articles on Christalene Loren (lost wax casting); Dream Mastersgallery, Drawing With Felt-Tipped Pens; Screening; Getting Published; Tom Scherman Model Builder; Conventions; Arlin Teeselink; Agents; Alicia Austin; Markets; Sculpting a Head; Victoria Poyser; Illustrating the Sky and lots more - all in black & white
Charles E. Fritch Gamma Vol. 2 No 5 (Sept.) Star Press 1965 A little edge-wear and marking, store stamps on front cover (with prices scratched out), some page corners eroded and page edges lightly/browned - Very Good magazine 2.00 Fiction by Ron Goulart; Sylvia Dees and Ted White; Charles Beaumont; Richard Matheson; George Clayton Johnson; Ray Bradbury and Dennis Etchison
Deb Geisler Renovation The 69th World Science Fiction Convention Renovation 2011 First Edition First Printing (Trade Paper) Edges lightly bumped/rubbed else Fine A4 book 5.00 Guests: Ellen Asher, Charles N. Brown (in memoriam), Tim Powers, Boris Vallejo, Tixie Pixie, Bill Willingham - articles, critiques, bibliographies, portfolios, Hugo listings, adverts and much, much more...
Catherine Girczyc On Spec The Canadian Magazine of Speculative Writing Spring & Summer Copper Pig 1993 Slightly bumped and rubbed at top and base of spine and page edges slightly marked - Very Good Magazines 2.00 Fiction by Erik Jon Spigel; M. A. C. Farrant; Lyle Weis; Robert Boyczuk; Jason Kapalka; John Skaife; Michael Hetherington; D. L. Schaeffer; Robert J. Sawyer; Bill Wren; Marian L. Hughes; Alison Baird; Bruce Barber; Nicholas de Kruyff; High A. D. Spencer with poetry, editorials, convention listings and more...
Mike Glyer Aussiecon 4 The 68th World Science Fiction Convention Aussiecon 4 2010 First Edition First Printing (Trade Paper) Slightly bumped at top of spine and front corners lightly creased else Fine A4 book 5.00 Guests: Kim Stanley Robinson, Robin Johnson, Shaun Tan, - articles, critiques, bibliographies, portfolios, Hugo listings, adverts and much, much more...
Mary Gnaedinger Famous Fantastic Mysteries December Popular Publications 1947 Pages browned, lower edge of front cover a little chipped, faint old price on cover and cover edges taped - Good to Very Good Magazine 7.50 Warwick Deeping's The Man Who Went Back; Cyril Hume's Atlantis' Exile and A. Conan Doyle's The Horror of the Heights
H. L. Gold Galaxy Galaxy/Universal 1976-77 - US Issues Generally Very Good or better copies 2.00 each - 4/63, 10, 11 & 12/76; 4, 8 & 9/77
Cele Goldsmith Amazing Science Fiction Stories Vol. 34 No. 6 June Ziff-Davis 1960 Spine torn and chipped at top, front cover creased and price-stamped, biro and stamps on first page and page edges lightly browned and slightly marked - Good Magazine 1.00 James Blish's ... And All The Stars A Stage (Part 1); Robert Bloch's The Bald-Headed Mirage; John Brody's If At First You Don't... ; Rosel George Brown's Step IV; C. C. MacApp's Tulan and more
Colin Harris Mexicon 6 - The Party Mexicon 1994 First Edition First Printing Limited State (Paper) (No. 116/400) Fine A4 centre-stapled book Illustrated by Dave Carson and others 10.00 Illustrated programme book for the convention - includes Alasdair Grey's In The Public Eye; John Clute's Survivors; Iain M Banks' Against A Dark Background (Epilogue); Paul Kincaid's Losing The Edge; Iain Sinclair's From Tilbury Out; Howard Waldrop's Tube Chiefs Talk Tough! Gi'z A Pint!; Norman Spinrad's Voice Over; Ian Macdonald's Crib Notes For 'Chaga'; and others - much of which has never been reprinted.
David G. Hartwell Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol. 1, No. 3 Sept. Baronet 1977 Spine creased and slightly torn, rear cover creased, 25p stamp on front cover and pages lightly browned - Good Magazine 2.00 Phyllis Gottlieb's Sunday's Child; Robert Borski's The Apocalypse of Harry Jones; Brian W. Aldiss' Horsemen; Joe Haldeman's All The Universe in a Mason Jar; Richard A. Lupoff's The Child's Story; Norman Spinrad's Blackout; Sherwood Springer's The Wayward Flight of the Teety-Oh; with Robert Silverberg, Charles N. Brown, Ginjer Buchanan and more
David G. Hartwell Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol. 1, No. 4 Nov. Baronet 1977 Spine torn, rear cover damp-marked and creased, 25p stamp on front cover and pages lightly browned - Good Magazine 2.00 George R. R. Martin's Bitterblooms; Robert Thurston's Wheels Westward; Mary Jean Tibbils' The Alphabet System; Michael Bishop's At The Dixie Apple; Robert Chilson's O Ye of Little Faith; Felix Gottschalk's Sir Richard's Robots; Samuel R. Delany's Essay on Star Wars; with Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison, Ginjer Buchanan and more
Stephen Jones Fantasy Tales Vol. 8 No. 16 Fantasy Tales 1986 (Winter) Top and base of spines slightly rubbed - Near Fine Copy Cover Illustration by J. K. Potter 2.50 Dennis Etchison, Karl Edward Wagner, Manley Wade Wellman, Richard Christian Matheson, Peter Tremayne, Hugh B. Cave, David Case, Josepha Sherman & others
Colin Kennedy Empire Magazine January Empire 2004 Fine magazine in slightly bumped card sleeve 7.50 The World's Best Rings Coverage: The Return of the King; Peter Pan; Cold Mountain with separate The Lord of the Rings A Celebration booklet, card sleeve and wrap-around band...
Terry Martin Murky Depths Issue #7 The Quarterly Anthology of Graphically Dark Speculative Fiction. House of Murky Depths 2008 First Edition First Printing (Paper) A couple of light cross-spine creases and a light curl - Very Good to Near Fine Book 4.00 Interview with Chris Moore; Black & White heavily illustrated fiction/graphic stories or articles - 82 pages
Paul McCall Aces # 12, 14 & 15 McCall 1999 First Edition First Printing (Nos. 100/100; 17/25 & ??/??) A little creasing else Fine A4 spine-stapled booklets With Signed Letter from the Editor 15.00 Colour Covers & B& W internal illustrations: Fanzine devoted to 1920's & 30's style illustrators, profiles of 'Ham' Brooks, Pat Savage, Frank Tinsley, Frank R. Paul, Edd Cartier (with bibliography), Norman Saunders, Pseudonyms by Will Murray, interview with A. Merritt & Frank R. Paul (reprints), Art in S.F by Terry Jeeves etc..
Kim Mohan Amazing Stories Vol. 67 No. 5 Whole Number. 573 August T. S. R. 1992 Curl to lower page corners, upper front corner lightly rubbed, lower cover corners creased - Very Good Magazine 4.00 Roger Zelazny's 30th Anniversary: Kim Mohan's The Artful Roger and Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love, Passion Play and How I Spent My Last 30 Years by R. Z.; Alexander Jablokov's The Logic of Location, Robert Frazier's Furious Weathers, Martha Soukup's Last Wish and more...
Sarah Newton BFS Journal #13 BFS 2014 Slightly bumped at top of spine and a few corner tips lightly rubbed else Fine magazine 3.00 Stephen Theaker's Unlucky Thirteen, BFS News, Results From the President's Survey, Advice From Former Chairs, Interview with Lavie Tidhar and My Fantasycon 2014; with pieces by Phil Lunt, Suzanne J. Willis, Tina Rath, Allen Ashley, David Gullen, Mark Williams, Robin Hickson, Sarah Doyle, S. Marcus Jones and much, much more
Terence X. O'Leary's Terence X O'Leary's War Birds April 1935 Issue Odyssey Publications 1974 (Paper) Top corners a little marked/stained and two small splashes on rear cover else Fine magazine 10.00 Complete reprint (with colour cover) in digest form of the April issue of a scarce pulp magazine from 1935 which only ran to three issues. With Book-Length Thrill Novel - O'Leary, Dyno Blaster by Arthur Guy Empey - Qwings of destruction flash over the earth at nine hundred miles per hour and the Mighty Mick matches magic with the vile ruler of a vile kingdom... ''
Raymond A. Palmer Fantastic Adventures Vol. 10 No 1 January Ziff-Davis 1948 Small chip to front cover at top of spine, base of spine eroded, front cover corners creased, a few edge-tears, first page loose, pages brown - Good magazine 5.00 Don Wilcox's Secret of the Serpent; Oge-Make's The Fire Trail; Robert Moore Williams' The Isle of Doom; John and Dorothy de Courcy's Evensong, William P. McGivern's Orders for Willie Weston, H. B. Hickey's The Drums of Murd and more
Frederik Pohl International Science Fiction Vol. 1 No. 1 Galaxy Publishing 1967 Spine a littlt torn and faded, surface tear on front cover (?sticker removal?) - pages browning - around Very Good Magazine 2.00 Editiorial - SF Film Festival; 12 stories from U.S.S.R.; Germany; France; Australia; Italy; England; Netherlands; Poland and Italy and Special Feature: Science Fiction Around the World
Frederik Pohl Worlds of Tomorrow Barmaray Co. 1963-67 Generally Good to Very Good copies 20.00 The Lot: 8, 10 & 12/63; 2 & 11/64; 3, 5 & 7/65, 1 & 5/66; Spring & Summer/67 (These latter two are UK Issues)
Robert M. Price Crypt of Cthulhu Cryptic Publications 1983-8 (Paper) Very Good to Near Fine A5 centre-stapled booklets 50.00 The Lot or Vol. 2 #6 (14) - £15; Vol. 6 #1 (43) - Special Ramsey Campbell Mythos Issue - £7.5; Vol. 6 #2 (44) - Special Lovecraft Poetry Issue - £10; Vol. 6 #6 (48) - £6; Vol. 7 #2 (52) - £6; Vol. 7 #6 (56) - £6;
James L. Quinn If Worlds of Science Fiction/Worlds of If If 1969-72 Good or better copies 1.00 Each - UK Issues: 11 &12/69 (#141 & 142) & 9-10/72 (# 162) & US Issues - 3/65, 4,7,9 & 12/67; 4,5,8,10 & 11/68; 1,2 & 4/69
Stanley Schmidt Analog Science Fiction and Fact - UK Issues Analog 1954-1964 Generally Good to Very Good Plus Copies 2.00 £2 each or 10 for £10 - 2-4,6&9/'57; 2,3&11/'58; 3,4&7/59; 1-4&7-12/'61; 1-12/'62; 1-9&11/'63;
Darrell Schweitzer Weird Tales 304 Spring Terminus 1992 Lower edge of front cover lightly rubbed else Fine magazine One of J. B.'s authorial copies with his bookplate inside front cover 5.00 Special John Brunner Issue: Who Lies Beneath a Spell, Concerning the Forthcoming Inexpensive Paperback Translation of the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred and Dropping Ghyll by J. B. and more by Ramsey Campbell, Tanith Lee, Robert J. Howe, Sue Robinson, S. P. Somtow and more...
Keith Seddon Vortex Vol. 1 Nos. 3 & 5 Vortex 1977 Edges/corners a little rubbed, covers lightly creased - Very Good magazines Colour cover artwork by Eddie Jones and Rodney Matthews 4.00 Michael Moorcock's The End Of All Songs (Part 3); David Penny's My Time, Your Time; Ravan Christchild's The Agonies of Time; Colin Kapp's The Chaos Weapon (Part1); Mark Ambient's Due West: Vermillion Sun on Horizon: Dying; Terry Greenhough's A Gift of Time; An Interview with Eddie Jones; Book Reviews and more
Larry Shaw Infinity Science Fiction Vol. 1 No. 1 (November) Royal Publications 1955 Single spine crease, red spine lettering faded, hint of wear to the extremities, pages lightly browned - Very Good to Near Fine book 7.50 William Ten's The Sickness; Ford McCormack's Phantom Duel; Winston Marks' Kid Stuff; Robert Bloch's Have Tux - Will Travel; James Blish's King of the Hill; Edward Lustig's The First; David Mason's Placebo; Arthur Clarke's The Star...
Kevin Standlee Ion Trails The WSFS Armadillo Inflight Magazine World Science Fiction 2005 First Edition First Printing Corners slightly rubbed else Fine centre-stapled A4 booklet Cover Art by Frank Wu 4.00 White Star Federated Spacelines brochure from 3005 with pieces by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold, Rhys Hughes, Ken MacLeod, Ian Watson, Glenda Larke, Jeffrey Ford, Andrew J. Wilson, Juliet E. McKenna, with everything you will need for your flight
Stephen Theaker Dark Horizons 53 British Fantasy Society 2008 Slightly rubbed at base of spine else Fine book 3.00 Fiction by Ian Hunter, Andrew Knighton, Alison J. Littlewood, David Tallerman, Peter Van Belle, Paul Campbell, Rafe McGregor, Allen Ashley, Richard Hudson; Interview with Terry Pratchett, and Article on Discworld by Lawrence Watt-Evans; Poetry; British Fantasy Society Q&A; Society Secrets and Illustrations
Various Science Fantasy New Worlds 1964-66 Generally Good to Very Good copies 2.00 Each Nos.65, 77 & 80 - 3 Issues
Various The Magazine Of Fantasy & Science Fiction The Magazine Of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1967-1977 Very Good or better copies 2.00 £2 each or 10 or more in a 'run' for £1 each - 10 & 11/67; 1/69; 2/76, 9 & 10/87; 1-3 & 9/88; 7,8,10 & 11/90
Andy Watson Journal Wired 3 Summer/Fall Ziesing 1990 First Edition First Printing (Paper) Corners slightly rubbed - Very Good to Near Fine Magazine 2.00 Lucius Shepard; Colin Greenland; Jonathan Lethem; Patrick McGrath; Paul Di Filippo; Paul Williams, William S. Burroughs; William Gibson and more... 353 pages
Robert Weinberg From The Golden Age Pulp Press ca 1974 (Paper) (Each limited to 100 copies) Lightly creased A4 spine-stapled booklets 10.00 each - transcribing the original magazines, with B & W photocopied covers - #2 The Spider Master of Men! The City That Dared Not Eat. Full-length Spider Novel (and revelation of The Spider's origin... ) & #4 Secret Service Operator
Robert Weinberg From The Golden Age Pulp Press ca 1975 (Paper) (Each limited to 100 copies) B/W photocopies, A5 centre-stapled - Spines slightly browned - Near Fine Copies except # 14 which has lower corner of last page (but no story) missing - ca 15 % 10.00 Each, Except #14 - £5. Robert J. Hogan - #14 G-8 and His Battle Aces: Satan Paints the Sky - Jan 38; #24 G-8: Flight of the Green Assassin - Sept 37; #27 Maxwell Grant The Shadow: The House That Vanished - Oct 35; #41 Kenneth Robeson Up From Earth's Center - Summer 49; #42 Robert Sydney Bowen Dusty Ayres: Black Lightning - July 34
Mort Weisinger Thrilling Wonder Stories Volume 8 #2 October Beacon Magazines 1936 Around 1cm of spine panel missing at top and base, cover creased, a few short edge tears, a few store stamps, pages browning - Good Magazine 10.00 Ray Cummings' Shadow Gold; Hal K. Wells' Man-jewels for Xothar; Ralph Milne Farley's Liquid Life; Arthur J. Burks' Dictator of the Atoms; Edmond Hamilton's Cosmic Quest; A. Merritt's Rhythm of the Spheres; Paul Ernst's The Microscopic Giants; D. L. James' Crystals of Madness; Max Plaisted's Zarnak and lots, lots more...
David Western Fear Issue No. 9 September Fear 1989 Covers a little creased and rubbed - Very Good Magazine 2.00 News; Interview with Michael Stewart; Movie Mainline; Videos; Article about James Hong; Phantasm II; Book Reviews; Interview with Alan Grant; Forbidden Planet examined by Stan Nicholls; John Bolton; Charles L. Grant; Graham Masterton; Brian Mills; Philip Alton Garner; Judith Coulter; Chris Watson; Kay Callahan; Alison Brooks; Duncan Adams and more
William H. Wheeler SF International Issue No. 1 Jan./Feb. William H. Wheeler 1987 Faint marks on covers else Fine A5 centre-stapled booklet 3.00 Steve & Melanie Tem's The Sing; Uwe Luserke's The End of the Hunt; Dorothy Davies' A Little Piece of Home; Wim Burkunk's Leakage; Sakyo Komatsu's Take Your Choice; Paul Collins' Kool Running; Annemarie van Ewyck's Camels for Calvin; Kathe Koja'a Happy Birthday, Kim White and three others
Ronald Wickers Venture Science Fiction (UK) Atlas Publishing 1963-5 (14 Issues) Generally Very Good or better copies 15.00 the lot or £2 each. - Nos. 1-7, 10, 14-15, 18- 20 & 22 - Please note that no. 22 is the Australian issue dated 8/65 but otherwise the same as the UK 6/65 issue

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